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QeBIM specializes in transforming reality into virtual precision through the state-of-the-art Scan to BIM services. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, our modellers bridge the physical and digital realms, empowering architects, engineers, and construction professionals with accurate, intelligent Building Information Models (BIM). Our team is fluent in all types of necessary software to get your point clouds transformed with highest quality and in the shortest span of time. Our expertise lies in catering all types of projects, be it a renovation, refurbishment, remodelling or restructuring. We are a dedicated Scan to BIM Company exceeding client expectations through unparalleled quality, reliability, and expertise. Our Point Cloud to BIM services extends across different locations of Canada like Ontario, Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton and many more.

Our Services

Our Scan to BIM Services Include


Scan to Architectural BIM

Our Scan to Architectural BIM services help you revolutionize your architectural design process. Our team of skilled professionals converts the scanned data into detailed architectural BIM models, providing you with a comprehensive digital representation of your project site. From as-built documentation to renovation and restoration projects, our Scan to Architectural BIM services streamline your workflow, enhance collaboration, and elevate design precision.


Scan to MEP BIM

Our Scan to MEP BIM services helps you efficiently integrate mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems into your building projects. Our advanced techniques help you sync the intricate details of MEP components within existing structures, ensuring accurate spatial coordination and clash detection. By seamlessly integrating MEP elements into your BIM models, we empower you to optimize system performance, reduce construction errors, and enhance project efficiency. From retrofitting existing buildings to designing new MEP systems, QeBIM delivers comprehensive Scan to MEP BIM solutions tailored to your project requirements.


Scan to Structural BIM

Our Scan to Structural BIM services elevates your structural design process. Using advanced technology, we convert the precise measurements of structural elements, including beams, columns, and foundations into detailed structural BIM models, facilitating accurate analysis, simulation, and visualization of your building's structural integrity. Whether you're retrofitting existing structures or designing new construction projects, our Scan to Structural BIM services provide the foundation for informed decision-making, streamlined workflows, and superior project outcomes.


Scan to CAD

Unlock the power of digitization with our Scan to CAD services. We transform point cloud data captured through laser scanning into accurate and editable CAD files, enabling seamless integration into your design and drafting workflows. Our Scan to CAD services empowers you to leverage existing site conditions with precision and efficiency, whether you're creating 2D drawings, 3D models, or conducting as-built documentation. From architectural layouts to mechanical schematics, we deliver Scan to CAD solutions tailored to your project's unique requirements.

Why Outsource Our Scan to BIM Services?

  • +Experience and Expertise under Single R
  • +Latest Technologies for Scan to BIM Conversions
  • +Streamlined Workflows and Efficient Processes
  • +Accelerate your Design and Construction Times
  • +Maximize Productivity and Drive Innovation
  • +Flexible and Scalable Solutions
  • +Rigorous Quality Control Process
  • +Cost-Effective, Efficient and Reliable Models


  • What types of projects can benefit from Scan to BIM services?

    Scan to BIM services benefit a wide range of projects including renovation, new construction, historical preservation, and infrastructure development, by providing accurate as-built documentation and facilitating seamless integration of design and construction workflows.

  • How accurate are the BIM models generated from laser scanning data?

    BIM models generated from laser scanning data offer high accuracy levels, typically achieving sub-centimetre precision. However, accuracy might differ based on factors such as scanner quality, scanning techniques, and data processing methodologies.

  • Can Your Scan to BIM services be customized to suit my project's unique requirements?

    Yes, our Scan to BIM services is fully customizable to meet your project's unique requirements. We offer flexible options for level of detail (LOD), deliverable formats, and additional services to ensure alignment with your specific needs and preferences.

  • What are the benefits of using Scan to BIM for facility management and asset maintenance?

    Scan to BIM enhances facility management and asset maintenance by providing detailed digital representations of built environments. Benefits include improved space planning, asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, and streamlined facility operations.

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